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What is a Referrer?

A Referrer is an individual that recommends Interactive Brokers to friends, family members, acquaintances or business contacts. Referrers are not employees or agents of Interactive Brokers.

Referrer Networking
IBKR Referral Programs

IBKR Referral Programs

Refer a Friend

The Refer a Friend program allows eligible IBKR clients to refer people to IBKR for a flat fee payment. To qualify, your account must have a net liquidation value of at least USD 2,000 and have placed at least one securities trade to be eligible for the program. Residents of Japan, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Israel are not eligible to participate in the program. Residents of Canada are eligible to participate as referrers and receive the USD 200 referral bonus, but are ineligible to earn IBKR stock.

As a referrer you will receive USD 200 for each referral, subject to program conditions. Referrers are limited to 15 referrals per year and 30 referrals total.

As the friend of a referrer, you can earn up to USD 1000 of IBKR stock, subject to program conditions.

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IBKR Referral Programs

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